Renting and Buying of Fridges in Sydney

Liam Wells | October 29, 2015 | 0

There are times when you might be on a temporary stint at a place like Sydney and moving back to where you normally live. It could be a coaching assignment in some sports or a temporary relocation. But whatever the reason, you would not want to fill your home with appliances knowing you would be moving out soon. Similarly, there may be business start-ups which would like to keep their initial investments on capital equipment to the bare minimum. All these categories can take the help of services of fridge hire Sydney companies  provide for their temporary cold storage requirements.

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How does it operate?

The way the fridge rental Sydney companies operate is quite simple and easy to understand. They have different types of refrigeration equipment ready to be rented out. These could include the deep freezers for storing frozen foods or bottle coolers, the upright single door freezers and the display units and so on. The customer gets to pick up the one he/she wants and place the order for rentals. The fridge hire Sydney agency will have the machine delivered to your doorstep, have it fixed, installed and commissioned and hand it over to you. There would be a fixed fee per month payable to the agency. There are short-term and long-term rental facilities possible, and it is entirely left to your discretion to choose.

Use and Own Later Also Possible

Another facility the Sydney refrigeration hire companies offer is where you first take the fridge or freezer on rental and after a few months, if you wish to own it instead of returning the equipment, it is possible. One way is you can continue paying the rental for a fixed tenure like 2 years or 24 months, and the machine is yours; alternatively, you can make an outright purchase of the machine from the agency at an agreed price. The companies which offer services of  fridge hire Sydney wide will have the machines in their premises in a state of readiness so that you can just plug it in and start using it right away.

Buy Used Refrigeration Equipment

As much as you can hire this range of refrigeration equipment serving different purposes, you can find that there is also the used fridge for sale with the agency. With a lot of experience in the same business for over a long period, the rental agencies have expanded their base, and they always get a lot of equipment disposed of, by people or commercial establishments under various circumstances.  These are then refurbished where necessary and made as good as new and sold by these agencies. These fridges or freezers are less than a year and a half old and can be bought on an outright sale basis. They have sufficient residual life and can function as good as a new fridge, and you get to own it a fraction of the cost.

The way these used fridges find their way to the rental agencies is that some of them could have been used in trade fairs as demo pieces. Some could be factory seconds, where even a small dent on the body will render the machine not good enough to be sold through the authorised dealerships which sell new refrigerators. Visit us at